We believe injuries should not stop his career!

Flisma | The Comprehensive Cricket Injury Detection Platform

How Flisma works

Why Flisma

High Injury Rates

16% of Fast Bowlers are likely to have an Injury.
(Orchard et al., 2005, Sports Health , Based on Cricket Australia)

Just counting the deliveries is not enough

Flisma considers the arm motions, fatigue levels and the Muscle Activity Levels.

Inconsistant Perfomance by Fast Bowlers

Sometimes, players have to quit their careers due to injuries.

Low Cost

Flisma will be affordable to everyone. Our focus is on sports welfare

How Flisma Works

Flisma is a wearable system which measures the arm accelerations, velocities, angles & muscle activities to predict whether the bowler is having a bad bowling pattern and can inform whether he is prone to an injury in advance.

- Wearable Inner Skin

- Wireless Data gathering

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Flisma Team

Buddhishan Manamperi

Chirath Hettiarachchi

Ahmed Ifham

Janith Priyankara

Supervisor : Dr.Pujitha Silva

Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
University of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka